OOTD - 03.01.10 And we are back!!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys had a good weekend.

This week at work we are moving into some different offices, so I knew this week was going to be a bit of a challenge. I inherited lots of papers and boxes when I moved into my current office, and I am spending some time going through them all, so I knew I would need something to get grubby and dusty in. Blech.

Tee - Talbots $6
Purple Sweater - Loft $20
Black Pants - Cato $15

Before the weekend, I was asked about the low priced Loft items I find. I always buy in-store when it comes to the Loft. My local store does markdowns on Thursday mornings, so I pop in there lunch times every other week or so. Thursday is also the day that Loft starts their weekend in-store specials. So, it will be new markdowns and additional specials. I am not sure if every store has such a markdown policy, so I don't know if it will be that easy at other places. Best of Luck to everyone! :-)


  1. I always got to loft when they have 40% or 50% of all clearance. They usually have lots of clearance items to choose from!

    Also, you can sign up for their e-mail updates which tells you when they are having sales (yes, I do get e-mails saying they are having a 15% sale off their fully priced new collection but I ignore those and wait for the big sales to hit).

    I wish I lived near a Loft to check out their sales often!

  2. My loft is usually pretty much picked during the promo's.
    Thanks for the tip Bianca!I usually go on sunday's but I'll try thursday the next time they have a promo.

  3. Sarah - Yes, I do find that a store nearby is a huge advtange with them. ;-/

    Miss - good luck, hope u find some goodies.


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