Marina Rinaldi at ideeli!

Oh my goodness guys! I am pretty excited. Marina Rinaldi (who is a higher end designer - that happens to make in-betweenie sizes 10-22) is going to be on ideeli Thursday at 2pm EST!

Per a note on the ideeli FB page, this is the first time that a plus-size designer is going to be featured on an invitation only site!! There is going to be dresses and sportswear (seperates I assume) starting at $49. I am forever checking out her stuff on the overstock type websites, but its still really $$$. I am hoping to scoop something good up!! I am also going to see if I can get some pics of the actual stuff they are offering at this sale.

Have any of you guys seen her stuff before? I know they carry it at the Saks that have the plus size store (Salon Z) but I have not ever tried it on.

Oh! by the way -

ideeli is one of the invitation only sites like Gilt, RueLala etc, so you know the deal - if you are not already a member, you can join through this link, and if you buy something, I am sure I get some kind of payola. That's usually the deal. Also, Ideeli seems to be the only one who charges for "early access" - you don't have to pay that to shop at the regular time. Its free to be in the "second row." Second row works for me~! :-)

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