Inspiration: Dorothy Dandridge

I keep lots of different photos in an inspiration folder on my computer. I noticed that I happened to have several of Dorothy Dandridge, so I thought I would share them.

Dandrige was often billed simply as "Colored Singer" in her initial films. However, in 1958, she became the first African-American women to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award, for her role in Carmen. A side note, Halle Berry was the first to win, and happened to be the actress who played Dandridge in the HBO biopic "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge". :0)

Hope you enjoy the photos, there is just such a beautiful glow to her, something I try and emulate personally.

As always, thank you for reading!!


  1. She simultaneously exudes femininity and strength. Wonderful inspiration photos! :)

  2. These photos are geat! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are beautifully inspiring photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are great pictures - thanks. She has such a classic feminine style. A great inspiration!


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