Gap Give and Get

Gap's Give and Get program is March 18-21st. I have a bunch of in-store coupon invites. The coupons are good for 30% off your entire purchase at Gap, BR and ON.

If you would like an in-store code, please contact me via the contact box above. The in-store coupons will be emailed to you, and you will need to check your junk mail for them, they end up there quite a bit!

Oh, and I picked Dress for Success and Big Brothers, Big Sisters as my charities of choice, if you have a preference for which one, put in the email, and I will try and accommodate.

Thanks everyone!


  1. of course this would happen when i am in the midst of a shopping ban (Taking a breather to have time to wear the things that I've recently bought )until April 15th. Oh well, maybe the next time. Happy shopping everyone.

  2. Gap Give to Get comes around plenty often - maybe next time you will be able to grab something. ;-)

  3. Keep me posted, Bianca. I love their jeans.

  4. i would love a coupon.
    Pls send me the online code

    Always beside you and pray for good things will happen

  5. I just stumbled across your blog, and if you still have a coupon code I'd love to have it. What an awesome blog....I have been looking for a fashion site like this for ages!

  6. MJ - I sent yours this morning, and Kizzie, I will need your email addy. :-)


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