Anyone feel like looking at a peek of next fall?

Here is the Talbots Fall 2010 Lookbook Sneeky Peeky.


  1. I don't know about you, but I think it's very Jcrew inspired. And what happened to the "regular" women, who looked like me????? I love the updated look and some styles actually caught my eye. I can see myself tipping into Talbots to try out this new collection. You know I"m absent minded. Please do a follow post to remind me to check them out.....August maybe???

  2. Interstingly, when I look over the current C suite, most of them have only been on board with Talbots since 07, 08, 09 etc.

    The current president (as of 2008) has both Liz Claiborne AND Jcrew in her past (she was President of JCrew from 1997-2001)

    The current Chief of Merchandising was previously of Dockers, Laura Ashley AND JCREW

    The current EVP/ merchandising manager was internal to Talbots for a couple of years, but came over from Ann Taylor Loft.

    Lori Wagner current Talbots EVP (CMO) came from Cole Hann, but previously was of Kenneth Cole, and you guessed it, JCREW.

    So, I am thinking its no coincidence that Jcrew is blooming out of Talbots...its certainly got the right seeds planted to do so!!

    As for the regular women, I am guessing those ladies may at some point be replaced with 13 year old girls, if my J Crew catalogs are any indicator!

    I will of course have more posted later in the year. ;-)

  3. SQUEAL!

    LOL, thanks for posting. I can't wait to get more time to day to look through this. I wish they sent the lookbooks out (or at least to me!). I also wish they made them downloadable so I can have the pics for style ideas/wish list.

  4. Ok . . .

    1 - I love when you use rhyming words to describe things - it makes it sound so fun!

    2 - I LOVE all of the looks!! I want to print them all out and copy each one! I am new to talbots - well, I have yet to buy something, but now at least I have looked (I don't even know how to say it, is it tal - bots?) but I love it!

    3 - I like how you know so much about the company - you are such an educated consumer. Good job!!!


  5. Nicole, I would like a paper copy as well! I keep all the catalogs too haha.

    1. Thanks, I cannot help but channel Dr. Seuss when I am excited.
    2. (me too) and its ~ tal (rhymes with "pal") and Bots (like robots)
    3.Nosy nellie, thats me. ;-)


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