Any fabulous shopping this weekend?

What did you guys get? Did you hit up the F&F at the Gap Family Stores?

I received my super cheapo goodies from Talbot's Friday, so didn't go for the F&F. Oh, and I also hit up a MAC Counter, and got the most beautiful blush! You have to check this out.

My Precioussss:
Mac Ripe Peach Ombre is sold out online, but still at some counters - at least here in NC I snagged one. The top color is a pretty peach glow, bottom color is a nice corally color, and mixed together, they are inbetwixt. Its pretty.

Talbots Goodies:
(Most of these are gone now, but I tried to find pics of the ones that are gone from inventory.)

With Links:
225188 White tunic blouse W Petite 14 WHITE 1 @ $7.80 Each

225650 Striped shirt W Petite X BLACK 1 @ $7.80 Each

Pics Only, Gone Online:

225748 Sweater W Petite X SUNFLOWER 1 @ $6.94 Each

225821 Waist-tie cardigan W Petite X WILD ROSE 1 @ $6.60 Each

No pic no link. :-/
225765 Cardigan W Petite X WHITE 1 @ $6.80 Each

I am returning as it was too big in the waist:
224142 Yoke-waist skirt W Petite 16 BALSAM TAN 1 @ $11.00 Each


  1. My white Talbot jeans came and they're great! Their tall inseam is really short though. It's just barely okay on me, but usually I need to hem tall inseams!

    I did buy two things at Old Navy today with the FF discount!

  2. You always get such great deals! I had my eye on a few things, but didn't pull the trigger. I almost got a pair of white jeans, but I still haven't figured out what my size is there. I'm in-between.

    I scored two tees at ON- one was a watercolor owl and the other was a striped men's tee for the hubs for only 68 cents after the discount! LOL. I really wanted the blazer from Gap that everyone is crowing about, but still couldn't justify the price even after discount.

    Right now I'm waiting on a sale or free shipping code for Talbots to score an ivory blazer that's on sale plus I have a gift card. I don't want to pay $10 for shipping!

  3. I love the things you got. Mine are arriving today (hurry up mailman) according to the tracking. I also was able to stock up on my Gap boyfriend t-shirts (waiting for those to get to the right price). If you haven't sent that skirt back, would you consider selling it to me? I was too late to get one of those and since I have some other Talbots pants that have to go to the tailor for a waist adjustment, I would love to add that skirt. Let me know. Thanks. (

  4. Love the new cardigans! I tried to buy something this weekend - hitting up Ross, Marshalls and Target - and found nothing. So annoying. Whenever I'm really in the mood to buy something I find nothing, whenever I want to save money I find tons.

  5. I order some books from Barnes and Noble!! Most for the classroom but one for me and one for a friend! Sorry, I don't know if talking about books is allowed on a fashion blog.

    When does the friends and family discount end?

  6. My Talbot goodies arrivedlast week while I was out of town. Check out today's post to see what all I ordered. Thank you for the heads up on the clearance.

  7. Let's see....I bought the cutest grey linen pleated skirt out of H&M over the weekend. It wasn't actually a deal but I love it! Then today I went to the Loft and bought a cute cardi and a couple of T's. All were deals! I have to thank you for that.

  8. I've got some things from ON on the way - since I'm studying for the bar in the summer, I picked up a bunch of jersey dresses and some loose fitting boyfriend tees. Anything easy and loose! I went to the mall Sat. and didn't find anything at Banana, but did succumb and get the Honeycomb tee I've been drooling over. Also got some loose summer tops from ForeverXXI Faith 21 - just found out their L was a size 10/12, so finally able to get some cheap chic goodies that fit well!

  9. M - I am glad they fit, but am shocked the tall is so short! I hope that is just an anomaly cause my tall girls need love too!!

    Nicole - For Talbots - try code 029353545 - it should be another 20% off, and $5 shipping. Its for new customers, so you should be good. I love that GAP blazer too, but not in the cards for now.

    Christy - The skirt is yours, I will email you for you addy.

    Goober - Me too. Luckily, I keep a wish list of non-clothing items that I can turn to when I wanna shop, but am striking out.

    Sarah - Books are always allowed on my blog. Gap Gand G ended Sunday booo. But it comes around quarterly it seems like, so just keep a look out. I will post again when it comes back.

    Cynthia - you got some great stuff!! the gingham dress is TDF! I can't wait to see how it looks on you!

    Corie - that skirt sounds LOVELY! I am glad you found some goodies at the Loft, its a great store, when they want to behave price wise.

    Amanda - you always find great things. I haven't been over to your blog yet tonight, but if you haven't already, I hope you post pics of the F21 goods!!


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