Weekend Stuff

Here is some stuff from the weekend. I thought I would post it, since I have proof that I wore patterns. ;-)

Sat: Matchy Matchy Day:

Printed Tee - Macys $7.50
Green Cardigan - Talbots $18
Jeans - Talbots $20
Shoes - Talbots

Here is the bag I wore with it.


Coat - Macys $14.50
Jeans - Talbots $20
Black Tee - Loft $?
Shoes -Chadwicks $11

Here is the Makeup I wore with it:

Eyes: Antique Pewter and Twilight Ash Eyeshadow, Black Cream Liner from the Lauren Luke "My Smokey Classics" Palette, Black Mascara by Korres
Lips - Buck Naked Lipliner by Cat Cosmetics and Striptease Gloss by Nars
Cheeks - Plum Foolery Blush by MAC

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hi - you really got great deals especially from Talbots!!! How do you do it? Do you shop on-line or in their stores - and when do they mark them down so low?? Truly Amazing:)

  2. Kelly and GIgi - thanks!

    Mel - I will post some detials on that in tonights outfit post. :-)Thanks for asking!

  3. YOu wear patterns and you do it wonderfully!
    To wonderful outfits.

  4. Love the green and blue. Great bag!


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