Twill Jackets for Spring

I have seen lots of twill jackets in all the new spring catalogues coming to my door. Most of them are running $99+. Well, if you want to grab one for a little less, head over to LL Bean. Through Wednesday, all outerwear is on sale - and that includes several twill jackets, which look like spring to me. Use code 3018849 for free shipping.

Chino Jacket comes in Petite, Misses and Women $29.99 marked down from $74-$84. Lots of bright spring/summery colors.

Summerweight Twill Jacket, Petites, and some Misses left $29.99. Smaller sizes sold out.

Lots of other deals to be had if you are still looking for winter goods, or corduroy jackets.

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  1. A little off topic...

    I don't need a twill jacket, but I just had to comment on how beautiful the model looks! And I love that her hair is natural and not "miles of phony pony" (like one of my best friends says).


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