Talbots Scarf of the Month Club

So, you guys remember I won 3 months of the scarf club at Talbots? I got my third, and final one this week. I just thought it was so cute how they come. This is certainly something I would consider getting someone as a gift. Its so fun to get a new scarf every month!

Each of the scarves I received were priced online at $49-$69 when I received them. I called to get more details in case anyone was interested.

They offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions where a scarf selected by Talbot's is shipped to your recipient monthly. When it ships, your credit card is charged. The cost is - (3 month plan) $43.00/month or (6 month plan) $41.40/month - if you complete the 6 months, you get a 7th scarf shipped free. If the recipient (or one's self - ahem) doesn't like the scarf of the month, she/he can exchange or return for credit.

Note: I won this through a drawing at my local store, I was not sent the packages in exchange for writing about the program, or given any compensation of any kind for posting on my blog. :-)


  1. What a cool program! The scarf is beautiful, too!

  2. That scarf is lovely - and what a great gift program. I think it's the first X of the Month I've heard of that people would really like!

  3. Mary - thanks! its good to see you, I am LOVING the travelogue/blog!!

    Amanda - Haha, or the first X of the month club I might buy for myself!!

  4. What a great idea! Too bad the last thing I need are MORE SCARVES. LOL!

  5. The scarf is so pretty! What a score :-)


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