Smashbox Lets Do Lunch

I know there are lots of people out there who know about this, but I think its always good to share it again. Not clothing related, but such a fun deal.

I consider Smashbox to be right inbetween drugstore and MAC quality - and pretty good stuff overall. Like any other company, it has its misses and its hits.

They have a lunch special every Tuesday and Thursday from 12EST -5pm EST. (9am -2pm PST) They select one full size item and send it for free with any purchase you make. They also offer deluxe samples and free shipping with every purchase.

Let's see this in action:

I am in the mood to add a red lipgloss to my collection, so I mosy over to Smashbox, and pickout "Raw" for $13.50 on sale. That's the one on the left.

So, I have my red lip gloss, and I go to check out - here I get to choose one of the below deluxe samples, and also grab a small sample of primer. (You do need to add these to your cart, or they will not come.)

I continue the check out process, and confirm the order. The next two items show up on the confirmation screen after you have checked out.

Being a "pretty points" subscriber, (free rewards program) I am going to receive a deluxe sample, just because (its a jumbo sample of Lash DNA mascara right now).

Now, as long as it is between 12-5 EST and I have not added any additional coupons, I will get also receive the "let's do lunch" goodie. My photo below is linked to their site, so when they update, it updates. Today it is this:

This gift changes each Tuesday and Thursday - sometimes it eyeshadow, liner, blush etc. The new gift usually posts the night before around 1:00 - 1:30AM EST

And...its all going to ship for free!!! So, I am paying $13.50 for a lip gloss, the freebie, a mini mascara, a large sample of under eye brighter and a packet of primer - SHIPPED!! Also, if you "mess up" and decide to change your order, its SUPER easy to cancel online - up until they start processing it. You just go into your account, check your orders, and cancel it. No phone call needed! I love this and totally look forward to checking out what the free gift is every Tues and Thus!

Have fun!!


  1. Cool ...I knew nothing about this! I will have to order next week! I really like their products. Thanks Bianca!

  2. Ah, you are welcome, I hope its something good next week. Looks like the lipgloss photo above disappeared already. :-)


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