OOTDs Tuesday / Wednesday 2.16.09 - 2.17.09

The Stuff:
Long Sleeve Tee - Loft $15
Black Ruffle Tank - Loft $9
Taupe Pants - Talbots $31
Necklace - Gift
Shoes - Chadwicks $11

The Stuff:
Long Sleeved Tee - Loft $10
Vest - Loft $5 - this vest is probably the happiest a $5 bill ever made me.
Wide Leg Pants - Limited - $17

Silly geek fact of the week: Harry Potter books were translated from the 'Queen's English' to American English. Apparently, the publishers were worried American kids wouldn't know a bin from a jumper, so they translated words and concepts for the US consumer.


  1. I've been wanting a vest for forever and now I want one even more! $5? Score! You look great!

  2. I really like the outfits you put together. You always add a touch of color...I'm trying to do that with my wardrobe but it's not working. I always gravitate toward black.

  3. You always have the prettiest jewelry!

  4. I really like both outfits - the vest especially. You paired the black and pinstripe perfectly.

    Also, I remember when I picked up my ex-boyfriend (he's English) Harry Potter's to re-read and was soooo surprised. Sometimes it's quite different! You don't realize how many expressions are like that between the two countries until you see it in print, I think.

  5. Marianna - Oh! I think it will look fab on you!

    Corie - I think you do color really well! I do have to admit about 1/4 of my closet is black, and I have to really focus to not buy everything I like in the black option LOL.

    Kelly - thanks!! :-)

    Amanda - Thanks! That's cool that you got to check it out in its "native" language. :-) I was considering ordering one from Amazon UK just because hehe.

  6. I love the blue, black and grey. The detailing at the collar is so pretty.

    The color of the tee looks sharp with the grey pants. I love the vest! I just got a black vest on clearance last month too, from H&M.

    They even changed the title of the first book! Philosopher doesn't have exactly the same meaning in the U.S. and apparently isn't as exciting or magical as Sorcerer.

  7. Love the detail of the rufle top.

  8. I really looove your personal style! taking notes!!


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