OOTD 02.09.10 Inspired by Seeds

Today, I was inspired by something I don't have anymore. When hubby traveled to Jamaica he brought back some goodies, but my fav thing was a hand strung necklace he bought from a street vendor - it was purple and brown dyed seeds strung together and I loved that necklace. It sadly lost its life to a toddler LOL, but I still love the color combo.

Purple Sweater - Loft $20
Brown Tee - Loft $4.88
Tweed Skirt - Talbots $29
"Assets" tights - Target $14 (close to the price of my whole outfit yesterday :-P )
Shoes - Chadwicks $10

Cabbage inspired shirt haha ~


  1. Brown and purple look GREAT together! I'm actually not sure whether I've tried this combination myself - I usually end up pairing purple with a different neutral. Thanks for allowing your former necklace to inspire me, too.

  2. Purple and brown definitely make for a good color combo, and I love the details on that blouse!

  3. I love the brown tee...the detail...very pretty. The purple color on you is gorgeous! The necklace looks beautiful too.

  4. Kari, Diana and Corie - thank you!

  5. Your shirts are always great. Do you have a special radar to spot them ? :)
    Purple and brown are great.


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