OOTD 02.05.09 Road to Marrakesh

This is the shirt that started it all. Ha! When browsing the Talbot's website for the first time last February, I stumbled on this little shirt and had to have it. It was not the first thing I purchased from them though. I stuck to the clearance racks, as usual. :-) I thought it was too expensive for a top, but eventually ended up buying it with a 20% off promo in stores. I am glad I did not wait for it to go on clearance because as soon as it went on sale online it was gone.

I dunno what it was about this shirt, its nothing extremely superb, but it just spoke to me. Thanks for looking as always!

Marrakesh Print Top - Talbots $39
Five Pocket Bootcut Jeans - Talbots $31.19
Brown Shoes - Chadwicks $10


  1. That shirt is beautiful. I can totally see what you fell in love with! Tunics can be so overwhelming sometimes - I love how this one has the perfect petite fit.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ok, just your grin alone showed me how much you love this top, and it is totally worth it! You look gorgeous, and that pattern is wicked cool.

    I love you in patterns, get more of them. YES.

  3. What a great top! Pretty pattern and nice color, looks good on you. It's a fun casual top and would work equally well with a colored skirt or pants for a dressier look. I like it!

  4. What a wonderful top.Gives you an exotic look, so so cool. You did well in not waiting for the clearance. You and this top were meant to be.

  5. Beautiful shirt Bianca! All colors look so pretty on you.

  6. Its a great shirt on you because it compliments your skin tone so well. :)

  7. Love the top! Great pattern. I still haven't bought anything from an actual Talbots store yet even though I have a big wish list on their site and a gift card from Christmas (to buy "Old people clothes" according to my sister, LOL). Any of their pieces I've acquired have all been from resale shops and the thrift store.

  8. You look so confident and happy in the shirt. I love the print with your shoes.
    It sounds like you shop the way I do - stalk an item, but don't buy it unless it's on sale and/or combined with a coupon, and preferably both if possible. Sometimes it's worth it not to wait if it's a special piece, though.

  9. Kyla Gina, Nurmisur,Amanda and Cori - thank you!!

    Kristen - LOL! eek! scary. :-) I do have to work on that!!

    Nicole - haha, go get you some geriatric wear! Thrifiting is a great way to get Talbots stuff! It seems to last really well.

    Kari - thank you and YES! I am such a stalker. And indeed sales + coupons are totally prefered. :-)

  10. This top is very pretty on you. Also this pic is great - you look so Happy!!


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