OOTD - 02.03.10 Cardigan, Tee, Cords

Hi All!

I tend to try and read the books that my daughter reads so we can talk about them, though with my own reading list, and she being a voracious reader, its hard to keep up. Well, while she is re-reading the Harry Potter books, I am catching up with her most recent series. (I think Twilight is behind us for awhile - thank goodness!) At any rate, she is reading a series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians, (there is an upcoming film) and I love these books. They are soo cute! I read the first 2 tonight, they were only about an hour long read each, and will probably finish off the series this weekend.

When I was her age, I loved the Greek and Roman God/Goddess stories, and this series makes such clever use of them. Its Harry Potter meets Hercules. Anyways, cute fun little reads if you have kids in the 10-13 age range, I think they will love them. Or if you, yourself liked the Harry Potter books, maybe try these - I did enjoy the second book a little more than the first.

Ok, on to the clothing! Nothing groundbreaking today, I am seriously just trying to keep warm. It is not that cold, but if I never believed the old wives tale about "thinner blood" after living somewhere warm, I am starting to believe it. I am chilled to the bones daily and it is in the 40s.

I did not intend to leave the raspberry scarf on all day, it was supposed to be outerwear, but it stuck around for most of the day because I was chilly.

Moonstone Button Cardigan in Valley Green - Talbots $17 (price back up to $30)
Placed Petal Tee - Loft $10
Woven Belt - New York and CO $1.99
Bedford Cord Trousers - Talbots $27 (currently $45 and in Plus Petites only)
Necklace QVC


  1. Love the raspberry scarf! Did you tie it in that one-over, one-under style? I love that knot -- it's so easy but it looks so complex.

  2. Ah, the Percy Jackson series was really popular at the school I used to work at.

    I love that color combination of raspberry and green.

  3. Thanks so much for the recommendation! My daughters love mythology; I'll point these out to them! :)

  4. That scarf is such a lovely color!

    I think it's awesome that you're reading books with your daughter. My mom and I have pretty different taste in books we we never really read the same things, but it would have been fun to be able to talk to each other about books!

  5. Super cute! I love all the colors mixed together in this outfit. and of course, that scarf is so fabulous

  6. Kristen, I did - I like it more because I can move it closer and further away from the neck (when I go inside and out) without taking the whole thing off and doing it over and over.

    Diana - thanks! its a good series :-)

    Girl in Black - I hope they enjoy them!

    Kelly - Aww, thanks. I do admit there I some I cannot complete,and I don't like all of them but I try! :-)

    K - thanks girl! You know i like to throw a paint box against the wall and see what sticks.

  7. The fit of that cardigan is awesome on you!

  8. I like the color of the cardigan . Very nice :)
    I'm only in the Dora the Explora phase but I supose I 'll get there. When I was younger I also loved the whole Gods in Olympus kind of story.I loved the Hercules series on tv.

  9. That scarf is such a lovely color, especially with the cardigan. It's a great play on pink and green.


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