OOTD - 02.02.10

I hope everyone is doing well. Tonight I am wearing one of those reminders of why I stick with petites or 3/4 length sleeves. Yikes! I feel like a little kid in hand me downs. :-)

Blue Sweater - Ashworth Golf $19
Polo - Target $6.50
Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Tights - Chadwicks $3.50
Shoes - Aerosoles


  1. Hey, neat! I'll be in a very similar color palette to you tomorrow with a V-neck sweater and black top. Great minds think alike!

  2. You can shop. Those prices are really sweet and that outfit is so nice.

  3. Ugh - I hate that effect too. I always have such a hard time with petite tops though, I would have to get vastly different sizes to accomodate chest and waist. I usually get stuff tailored, roll it, or just let it drag.

  4. I love that blue on you.Lovely as always.

  5. Kari - spooky ;-)

    Vixxan - thank you! I do love the bargaining.

    Amanda - i feel you! most of my button downs are actually plus petites to fit the bust and all the other areas :-)

    nurmisur - so glad you are back!

    gigi - indeed! when the sleeves annoy me, its easy to just look down at my feet LOL.


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