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Feb 1 - Feb 4 , the Old Navy has 15% off online orders, free shipping on orders over $50, and EBATES has cashback of 20%!

So, go to ebates, and click on the Old Navy link. Then when checking out, use coupon code ONSAVEBIG.

My cart had 5 items totaling $52.00, plus S+H - Total was :$59. After applying the coupon, ONSAVEBIG, the total price is $48.65 shipped. With ebates, you will receive back about $9.75 on your next big fat check. This means, after rebate, I would end up paying $39 shipped for 5 items!

This works on sale items as well. Also, if you are planning on spending as close to the $50 as possible, be sure to apply the coupon last, so that it will calculate free shipping on the marked price of the items instead of the price with 15% off.

Here are a couple of things that look good. Lots of XL and XXL and Petites / Talls left online!

Cotton Twill Shift Dresses XL - XXL $8.99-$11.99

Women's Boyfriend Cardigans $15.00

One button blazer in Coffee Grounds $14.99

High-Rise Denim Pencil Skirt $6.99-$9.99 (lots of colors and sizes in petites)

Bubble Sleeve Tops $4.99 - $5.99

Also, Gigi has been reviewing lots and lots of new things from ON as well. Happy Hunting!

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