Hellllooooo JJill! Great size range! Cute stuff!

So, JJill used to be owned by Talbots, but was recently sold off so Talbots can focus on...well...not closing, I believe. I recently got some goodies from them, and wished I'd ordered more during the special. Well, good news, they have a couple of specials this weekend. 30% off any sale items (deducted at checkout), 15% off some selected full priced styles (deducted at checkout) and 20% off their gorgeous new chinos (deducted at checkout).

Where to start? OK, first lets check out these chinos....

Very nice! Love the styling on these as well. I know if you are checking me out on the blog instead of in a Reader, the pic is cut off, click on the image to see the full size. The long pants are $69 before the discount, the crop is $59 and short $49. They come in four colors, and petite 0p-18p, misses 2-20, plus 14W-28W and the trouser also comes in tall 4t-20t. Nice size range! There is always buzz about JJill chinos, and the new LE Canvas brand is creating some talk, but neither have this wide a range of sizing.

Also, selected new spring pieces are 15% off the listed price. Ok, I don't do ombre and they seem to have several ombre options for spring - if you like this look, check it out. Here are some other items that caught my eye:

And of course, my favorite category - the sale/clearance (rubs greedy little hands together)

I bought these jeans last time (first pic below), and they are perfect - I am wearing an 18P for reference. The jeans and cords are $29.99 before the 30% off.

I suggest checking them out, I really love the things I got!


  1. Sorry to have to complain from the other side of the size range, but J.Jill has upsized so many of their items that the xs is often too big, and they seldom carry petites in the stores.

  2. Fidele - Aww, sorry to hear that - I had a friend/co-worker who is on the very, very small side mention that MANY stores are sizing her out, even JCrew! I can see how girls on your end, and on my end have lots in common when trying to find things that do not require a whole ton of alterations.

  3. Amen... Great basics! This organic cotton shirt (which is now on sale, incidentally) is the cornerstone of my wardrobe. I layer it, wear it alone, sleep in it, everything. I have it in every color but yellow (I don't like yellow). HIGHLY recommended:


  4. And I cannot WAIT for the boyfriend jeans to go on sale. Love them!

    I often get free JJill gift cards through MyPoints. Do you use them?



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