Ulla Popkin sizes 12-38 Clearance

Ulla Popkin has a good outlet clearance going on. They sell items from size 12 to size 38. For free shipping, use code 42919. The length of the items are based on size, which means they understand that a size 12 person and a size 20 person need different lengths on their tops. Sounds promising! All items under $30, many are $10.

Surplice blouse and tank $9.99 (limited sizing,)

Satin Babydoll Dress $4.99

Lots of potential here! Shirtdress in Navy $9.99

Plaid shirt $9.99

In addition to the outlet clearance, there is also a sale section, the prices are not quite as low. :-)


  1. Thanks for posting this, it can be hard sometimes to find fashionable plus size clothes that aren't to "mom" like.

  2. I saw both your postings about the Star Trek episode you mentioned- I had to ask my husband if he'd seen it yet. He's been watching a lot of the shows late at night after I've gone to sleep, but so far it hasn't popped up. I'll keep an eye out for it.

    I love Captain Picard. He's a hot old guy!

  3. Sabrina - I hope you find something too!!

    Nicole - Ha! Be sure and watch it before you are NGed out!! :-)


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