Tullesday Tomorow

Don't forget, Tulle is having one of its great sales tomorrow~ be sure to check it out. I usually just pull up the sale category, and sort by lowest price. Looks like they have changed the policy to final sale, though I am less bothered by that on couple of $3 items - I mean if it doesn't work, write the $3 off on taxes (keep a list of donations, and receipts or photos if possible - and only if you itemize). Also, check size charts - almost every item on their site has an individual size chart listed on the item's page. :-)


  1. Ohmygosh. The prices! And the items are so cute! Thanks for posting this - I had no idea about this site.

  2. I know - love Tullesday, sorry I posted so late, they go through the sale stuff fast!!!

    They have specials like this monthly, so sign up for their emails! I usually put up a little reminder too. :-)


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