Talbots Red Hanger Sale

These are the items I bought from the current Red Hanger Sale. There is currently an additional 40% off the sale prices, and Talbots DOES raise the prices when the special sale is over. (Unlike some stores, where markdowns are always permanent.) You can always tell if its going back up or not in-store because they mark permanently lowered prices on tags. The additional 40% off is on signage, but the tags only have first markdowns (about 25%-35%).

On to the goods:

Bi-stretch Bootcut Pant in Cool Taupe $29.99 - $32.99. Sizing is good, but not many color choices left.

Pin-tucked Merino Cardigan in Glaze - $26.39 -$29.39. More avalibility in Plus sizes on this one. A few petites, couple of misses. I have this in red and wore it recently.

Moonstone Button Cardigan
in Valley Green $17.99-$20.99 - there are lots of colors and sizes on this one. I think people are turned off by the photo with the buttons hanging down. I suspect people don't want a cardi with a droopy top. I am going to try it and see what happens. For $18, I will just take it back if I don't like it.

Starburst Blouse in white - $17.99 - $20.99. If this is a good fit, I will go back for a color. I think this shirt will be a nice change from a regular white blouse. I am seeing it with jeans and a black blazer. :-)

Cable Knit Boat neck sweater in Berry Red . They have a variety of price points on sale. Berry Red, Cream and Palmino are $14.39 and $16.79. Other colors are $22.19 and $15.19.

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