"Style and Fashion" Books at Amazon

Amanda over at Adventures in Suits recommended a book called "I heart your style". I logged into Amazon today to grab it ($13.59) and found a few other cheap grabs for your style library. I have Amazon Prime, but if you don't $25 in Amazon-sold items ship free!

Nothing to Wear: A cure for the common closet $4.41. I have checked this out from the library a few times, and I love it! I got this one.

Style A to Zoe $6.40 - Fans of Zoe? I hear this book is for you! More of a fun read than a true fashion book.

Style Statement: Live by your own Design $6.73- I have heard this book is amazing, so I snatched it up. Be sure to chose the Bargain Book Price, the regular Amazon Price is $17. (I don't get it either.)

Just Try it On $4.15 - Have not heard anything about this one. :-)

Just so you know, these links are NOT affiliate links, and I do NOT "benefit" in any way by linking you guys to the books. I just thought someone might like to add a few things to their library. :-)

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  1. I think you will really love the book! And thanks for more recommendations as well. I've never been drawn to these kinds of books, and was so pleasantly surprised how helpful and inspiring they are.


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