Signs that you are no longer part of Lucky's target audience...

You respond (aloud) to page titles with snark, then confusion..
Title: Do you want to look like a French Pop Star?
Me: YESSSSS.....I have been DYYYYINNG to look like a French Pop Star, Oh where, oh where do I begin, tell me Lucky!!! Wait, a what? Why is this look 'French Pop Star'? She's wearing Ralph Lauren?? So....."Joan Jett horseback riding" is "French Pop Star"? so. confused.

You look over the pages you tore out for your "inspiration note book" and realize they are all ads.

You peruse an article about "Hot Interns" on the rise, (you know ~ those power players in the fashion world) and muse that the last "hot intern" you knew by name was Monica Lewinsky.

You notice that you have used every one of your "Must Have" stickers.... In your Talbot's catalog.

While these thoughts I shared above are entirely true, (ha!) they are spoken a little bit "tongue in cheek". BUT - I am afraid my favorite fashion magazine of the last DECADE and me are going to be parting ways soon. Its making me a little sad because Lucky and I have sorta grown up together. I was at my first "Big Corporate Salaried Job" when Lucky started. I actually still have - packed away somewhere - an article on putting together a working wardrobe that got me through that first year. Lucky was my fav - and I looked forward to it each month!!

Sadly friends, I am finding that I am getting less, and less out of it. Its the end of an era. ;-) But to my friends who can wear jodhpurs, a slip dress, stilettos and a peacoat (together) - I love watching you do it!!!


  1. Oh, man. This was too funny. Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. I never got into lucky, only bought it once and read it in a couple waiting rooms. Blogs are the new magazine.

  3. OMG! Lucky was my favorite magazine for years. I kept the city shopping guides in a special notebook and took it with me when I traveled. It lost its umph and I replaced it with my new love, Real Simple.

  4. Kyla - ;-)

    Eyeliah - Esp now that I have a smart phone. I can read all my blogs in a waiting room even. :-)

    Nika -I might have to check that one out. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Ha! I think we all feel this way about the mags/stores/etc of our past.

  6. urm Don't give up yet! I don't even subscribe or buy it but I am going to be loosely working with them this year. They are trying new avenues so I think they kinda know they are losing people.

  7. The fact that I now like Talbots stuff indicates to me that I'm longer a Lucky reader. I stopped reading Lucky last year because I too found I wasn't getting anything out of it anymore.

    LOL, I liked your use of "stardate" on a previous post. We've been watching Star Trek nonstop since Christmas. My hubby got the entire Next Generation series (49 discs!) as a gift. I "heart" Captain Picard.

  8. LOL, you crack me up!

    I will have to read my next Lucky more carefully. I don't recall being particularly inspired by it, but I thought it was just that month. Hmmm!

  9. Jess - Not just me eh? ;-)

    Hillary - Can't wait to see what you come up with! :-)

    Nicole - Nice gift!! Do you remember the episode where Picard was transformed into a young guy? (Its called "I was a Pre-Teen Space Captain") thats my fav epi. See if you can find that one if you are not familiar. ;-)

    Kristen - Watch out - it might be the ads you are looking at LOL!


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