OOTD 1.26.10

Hey girls! Hope its a great Tuesday for errryone. I just finished watching IDOL with the fam. Katy Perry came off as not very nice! Ugh, is it that hard to show up and be nice to your coworkers for a few hours? LOL. Oh well.

Now, am watching "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Kind of a nice treat to see it when its NOT Halloween. :-) It always trips me out to see Susan Sarandon in this flick. LOL

The Stuff:
Cardigan - Loft $19
Tee- Loft $14.99
Skirt - New York and CO $16.25
Tights - Kmart $6
Necklace (detail photo below) - QVC - Judith Ripka

This is my new pretty:

Edit: OOps! I listed the wrong skirt earlier LOL!!


  1. i have this shirt too! i always get too nervous to plan it with a cardigan - it's nice to see it working in real life!

  2. Super cute. I need a pencil skirt like that in my life!

  3. Yet another pretty color on you. I love the outfit. By the way, I left an award for you on my blog...so please come get it! - Corie

  4. The necklace is beautiful, and I love the fit of that pencil skirt on you. What a great deal at NY&Co! It looks like the skirt is marked down even further to $13.25 now.

  5. That necklace is beautiful! And that pencil skirt fits you fabulously.

  6. I was just craving the RHPS, it's ridiculous I've never watched the whole thing in one sitting!

  7. The detail on the top is beautiful as is the necklace. You look WONDERFUL in purple!

  8. Anna - Yes! I love this shirt with cardis, it peeks out in such a cute way. :-)

    Marianna - Ponte knit pencil skirts are a gift from above. :-)

    Corrie - Thank you so much!! I will post it soon.

    Kari - thanks! oooh that is a great price for it. this is one of my closet favs.

    Diana - thank you!!

    Eyeliah - yes, sooo over the top. I was cackling to myself several times.

    Goober - thank you!! Its my fav cover.


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