OOTD 1.1.10 - WOW!

First outfit of 2010! :-)

I really love this sweater. If the price goes down a bit more, I will have to get a duplicate in another color. I dunno though, its marked down to $32, and going kinda fast. Boo

The Stuff:
Red Sweater - Talbots $35
Light Blue tank - Talbots $5
Jeans - Talbots $20
Necklace - QVC
Bracelet - Gift (from Kohls)
Bag - Dooney and Bourke - Gift, (but was part of the 12 days of Dooney). I have never had one of these bags before, but I really like it. It feels sturdy and like it will last a long time. That is what I look for in a bag! :-)


  1. Oh goodness...that sweater is so cute on you. It's hard to resist multiples when they are this cute.

  2. The color is stunning on you. Love the bag and the sweater!

  3. You look great! I love the bright red and pale blue together. The red looks very good on you.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Is there any color you *can't* wear?

    I love your new D&B bag. The cherry color will be so versatile and it looks like the perfect size.

  5. Wow!!! Bianca, this has got to be one of my all time favorites. Red is definitely your color. Love your new bag. You look beautiful and radiant!!!

  6. Gigi - thanks girl - I think I remember you reviewing this sweater, and I drooled all over my keyboard haha

    Kristen - thanks!!

    Gina - thanks! my fav color combo.

    Kari - YES!! MUSTARD!! >:O\ LOL!!

    Patina - thanks you! missin ya!! :-)

  7. Happy New Year!
    Looking lovely as ever. That bag is gorgeous and you look exquisite in that outfit with the beautiful sweater and bag.

  8. I love that bag! It's such a gorgeous bright red, and it sounds like the material is really good quality too.

  9. You are totally rocking that cardi and the bag!
    beautiful color!

  10. the new bag looks fabulous but my fav is the bracelet.


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