OOTD 01.22.09

Hope everyone is well! I am watching this wonderful telethon "Hope for Haiti Now" - OMG Jennifer Hudson looks beautiful!!! Holy moly. The music tonight is wonderful!! Clooney really knows how to run a telethon.

So a couple of days ago, I got a small little box from JJill from their recent 40% off sale, and I have to say I am kicking myself for not purchasing more than I did. I love the jeans I got from there so very much. I have another pair of pants from there, and like those quite a bit as well, so I guess its not a fluke.

I will be putting them in my regular "hunting" rotation. I am not usually very excited by their catalogs - the styling of the models in the catalogs looks like they are settling down for a long day of relaxing and reading the newspaper and taking long leisurely walks on the beach, or puttering in the garden. Never quite gets my blood boiling - but I am really impressed with the couple of items I have now.

The Stuff:
Black Pintuck Tee - Loft $14
Blue Cardigan - J Jill $17.99 (Price is back up to $29.99)
Grey Jeans - JJill $17.99 (Price is back up to $29.99)
Necklace - QVC
Bracelet - Kohls


  1. Beautiful color and I love how the sweater is constructed. Pretty pretty!

  2. The color on the cardigan is beautiful - and the cut is really unique. What a great find!

  3. That is an amazing price for J.Jill jeans. They look like they fit you perfectly.

  4. Great sweater. I love the shaping of the sweater itself and the collar.


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