OOTD 01.21.09

Hi all! Firstly, I want to say I am so glad you guys are entering the giveaway - also, its killing me not to write to everyone back LOL - but I want to leave the comments clean for the "random number generator" to select a winner.

This is actually my fourth day in a row sans cardigan! Are you guys proud? LOL. I didn't post Tuesday, but I didn't wear one, scouts honor. :-) I do have one planned for tomorrow, but hey, four days might be a record since its gotten so cold.

Jacket - Talbots $50
Tee - Loft $20
Pants - Limited $17
Shoes - Chadwicks $11

And a close up of the shirt. As I was wearing it earlier, it started to dawn on me that the little squares of paper remind of those bits of tissue that men stick on their face when they cut themselves shaving. :-P Oh well. I still like it anyway. Hehe

And yes, a quick flash.


  1. My first thought was that I love the detail on the tee, but then I saw your last picture and fell in love with the beautiful lining on your blazer. SO CUTE. Sometimes it's the little, hidden details that add an extra-special element to what you wear.

    I know, I'm rather scared about a '90s revival as well. I'll try to scan pics this weekend if I have time. *grin*

  2. Love the lining on that blazer! And your key necklace - where did you find it?

  3. I love you in a jacket! I'm addicted to cardis and think I look so big in jackets. I have some really cute ones and really need to give them another go.

  4. I love the detail pic - I think that delicate necklace is perfect with the tee detailing! I love that you always have really interesting embellishments on your tees and cardis.

  5. cute top and you know that i just ADORE your necklace.

  6. Kari - thanks - I will looking for them hehe.

    Gina - thank you! This necklace is from QVC! This exact one is out of stock right now, but they have a TON of others there. I love the jewelry from there. :-)

    Ally - thanks - I am sure you look great in jackets! Esp since u are already a cardigan girl!

    Kelly - thanks! Thats my "thing" - I am the girl with crap all over her shirts LOL!

    Valentine - thanks so much!

    Patina- thank you! So good to see you here! :-)

  7. Love the color of that blazer and the detailing on the shirt. The teal jacket and grey pants are a nice combo.

  8. The jewel color is so beautiful on you.

  9. I am a total cardigan addict too. Maybe we should start a bloggers group called Cardigans Anonymous :)


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