OOTD - 01.18.10

The stuff:
Long Sleeve Tee - Loft $15
White Button Down - Chadwicks - $12
Ponte Knit Skirt - Chadwicks $15
Tights - Kmart
Shoes - Aerosoles


  1. How on earth do you look so sleek and polished when you wear button-downs under fine knit tops? I always end up feeling so lumpy and bumpy. You pull this off so well.

  2. Love the detail of that T. Was that from a year end clearance sale? If so, I missed it lol!

  3. Gah! I want that sweater! It's perfect!

  4. Such a great top! I was hoping to find it today at Loft, but no luck...

  5. Kari - maybe its just the way it feels to you, because you never look lumpy and bumpy. :-) In this case, I tucked the white shirt in and tossed the tee over it. The skirt and tee are heavier fabrics than the blouse, so I am guessing that is what happened.

    Sher - This was one of those tees that was $15 on black Friday, my local store still has a huge rack of them. :-/

    Jess - maybe at a local store there are still some?

    Amanda - ah sorry girl, ya never know with their in-store selection. ;-/

    Danielle - me too! :-)


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