OOTD 01.27.10

Hey everyone! Just a small lettle pic tonight, and no closeups. We were busy with Idol and POTUS. :-) Hope everyone is having a great night.

Grey Tee - Loft $20
Green Cardigan - Loft $20
Navy Twill Pants - Talbots $20
Blue Suede Shoes - Talbots $30
Bracelet - ebay
Necklace - ebay


  1. Love the mixing of colors!! The teal sweater looks great on you!

  2. You're always wearing color...that's great! I'm trying to add more color in my life, but it's a difficult task. Again, another color that looks great on you! The outfit looks good.

  3. Thanks Sabrina. :-)

    Corie - I am def a color girl. You usually have a nice bright pop mixed in too. :-)

  4. I think if we combined your cardigan collection with my cardigan collection, it would be the greatest cardigan collection known to man :)

  5. I love how beautiful the bright cardigan looks with the silvery top and necklace. So pretty!

  6. Goober - you speak only truth LOL!!

    Kari - thank you! :-)


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