OOTD - 01.14.09

Hi everyone, hope all is doing well. It has been a crazy week over here.

If possible I ask that you send prayers, thoughts, goodwill vibes, (whatever you believe in) for our brothers and sisters in Haiti - already with so little, and now with even less.

The goods:
Pintucked Cardigan Sweater - Talbots $23 - a few left in petites, plus, plus petites - price goes up Monday.
Tee - Loft $4
Pants - Limited - $17
Necklace - QVC


  1. Yes ... I bleed for those victims in Haiti ... what they must be going through!

    Your necklace is such eye candy!

  2. I really like all these blues together. And your necklace reminds me of the necklace in Titanic!

  3. thanks for the comment....now, you mind if I borrow that necklace? lol very pretty

  4. I know... doesn't that just make you sick? I was listening to an NPR interview with a reporter who was there live, and he completely broke down over the air.

    On a happier note...
    I love your mixed shades of blue and gray. This is such a pretty color palette for winter - cool and shimmery.

  5. Nina - thanks girl ~ I loove this necklace. :-)

    Kelly - that is totally what the people who collect this jewelry call it LOL "The Titanic Necklace"

    Corie - You are welcome my fabulous friend. As for the necklace - Lemme get back to you on that. ;-) LOL

    Kari - Awww. I probably would have boohooed all the way home. Thank you for the note.


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