OOTD - 01.12.10

Pistachio and and Chocolate and Raspberry? Sounds like a delicious truffle. ;-)

My "Elphaba Thropp" sweater - Talbots $30
Brown Tee - Loft $5
"Pashmina" scarf - Chadwicks $4
Pants - Talbots $27

Ah look, here I am all casual and relaxed like:

P.S. Anyone watching AI? Gosh, so embarrassing, but I LUUUV it, even the audition episodes.... LOL!!


  1. LOL, I won't watch AI unless my husband asks me to. I've got Biggest Loser on, but I haven't been paying much attention this first hour because I was actually creating a blog post. Gasp! Now to take a break for three weeks...lol.

    I love that green- looks great on you and especially with the pink scarf. That green is one of those colors I take with me to the fitting room and then wonder why I put it on my pasty self. Not good!

  2. It LOOKS like a delicious truffle! The fashion kind!

  3. I love your Elphaba sweater! I just got the soundtrack to Wicked and I can't turn it off. The outfit is so classic, but the colors make it totally unique!

  4. Oh, beautiful! You're right - that cardigan is totally "Elphaba green", and I suppose the pink scarf could be G(a)linda, too. Lovely colors.

    BTW, I hit up the Loft this weekend to spend a birthday gift card - just about everything in the store reminded me of you, particularly the flowered tees that you look so great in.

  5. I love the green and pink together on the brown.

  6. Um, YUM!

    Fun combo- I love lime-y greens and bright pinks :D

  7. This is a great color combo!

    I have to say I'm not a huge fan of AI. I just never have really been able to get into it. But BF likes it so I read a magazine on the couch next to him while he watched it, and it was amusing at times. I really liked the guy with broken wrists, and the girl who made "somewhere over the rainbow" jazzy

  8. Nicole - good job on the post! you walk before you run LOL!

    Kyla - oh, the kind with no calories? LOL!

    Cbinavides - I luv the soundtrack, but my daughter stole it from my car a few weeks ago, and I havent seen it since LOL!!

    Kari - thanks! and I am so sorry LOL!! I hope you found some good stuff!! :-)

    Gina -thank you!!

    Jess - I could totally see this on you LOL!

    Kelly - LOL!! Torture for you then I suppose. I didn't really get into tonights, Mary J Blige looked like she couldn't believe what was going on LOL

    Goober - thanks!! :-)

  9. oh, this is such a gorgeous outfit. the color combination is fantastic....i love it!!!

  10. I love the colors togethers...very pretty.


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