OOTD - 01.06.10...Blue! And More Stripes!

Here are some more stripes!!! 2 days with pattern in a week. Oh - and I am wearing a sample of Korres Wild Rose Foundation that came with my Korres order - its definitely going on my "must buy" list.

For the next shot - look at the fluffy flower cluster, not the maniacal face please! :-) The photographer was going out of their way to make me make faces LOL!

"Mom, say cheese, oh by the way - can I have a boyfriend?" CLICK.

And in case you were thinking about giving me sass, this is what it looks like when you do. :-P

Photos taken by my daughter tonight. I am sure you guessed.

The Stuff:
Sweater - Loft $25
Striped Tee -Loft $?? Its an oldie.
Pants - Talbots $27


  1. Remind me never to give you sass! :)

    Your makeup is very pretty too.

  2. Those Loft sweaters are so "you." I love your "sassy" picture!

  3. Pesky kids! :)

    Love the cardigan! Shoulder flowers rock D:


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