OOTD - 01.05.10 brrrrrr

It is really. really. cold!!!!

Plush Cords - Talbots $20
Sweater - Forth and Towne $16
Ruffly Tee - Loft $25
Shoes - $10


  1. Put your gloves on then :)

    I knew you'd appreciate the gloves today. It was mostly for you :)

  2. haha! Well, they looked super cute anyway. And I wear my gloves every day! They are purple. And warm. LOL!


  3. Love love love your ruffly top!

  4. Hope that you stay warm! (Do ballet flats make you feel even colder in chilly weather?)

  5. I love how you have a pop of color even in the cold weather. Leather boots and wool are my secret weapons for staying warm on really cold days.

  6. I just wanted to personally say that I am very happy I found your site! I am 5'2 and usually wear a 10 or 12. It's so hard to find really cute clothes for my body type. Again..you wear your clothes well and I'm so happy I found you! Can't wait to see more.

  7. I like the pop of color as well - so necessary when it's frigid. We've been below 20 degrees here for almost a week.

  8. Goober - thanks doll!

    Kari - Ha! Most likely. You know I am fresh out of Florida! I don't normally break out the boots until deep into February - for a day.

    Diana - thanks, I have to keep my spirits up somehow in the frigid hair LOL.

    Corie - Thank you so much for coming by and posting! I added you to my blogroll - your blog is great!

    Amanda - Girl - you have me beat - its COOOOLD there. ;-)


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