OOTD - 01.04.10

I feel like tossing in the word "stardate" now that we are in 2010!

Captain's Log: Stardate 010420.10 - I wore this.....

The Stuff:
Cardigan - Loft $19
Tank - GAP $5
Scarf - GAP $13
Pants - Express $? OLD
Necklace - QVC
Shoes - Chadwicks $11

Captain's Log: Supplemental (TNG joke there, apologies to non-geeks): Note that there are not only one, but TWO patterned items in one outfit!! So this is what the future looks like? Hmmm...


  1. Ooh, lovely. I like the purple color, and I also love seeing you in a larger print with the scarf. It's a fun change. :)

  2. LOVE the striped with that cardigan! It's such a gorgeous color!

  3. I was a huge fan of TNG back in law school!!

    Love the mixed patterns. Cute outfit!

  4. Are you the new Janeway? :)
    I agree with Kari, I like to see you with the big patterned scarf.

  5. Thanks Kari - I am trying to be creative haha!

    Kyla - Thanks! ;-)

    Gina - Yay!

    Cecelia - Oh, a Voyager/DS9 reference too? Nice! :-)


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