New York and Company Cardigan - Purple and Grey ONly!

Thie sweater is sooo cute. Check it out on Jess from Operation Look Like an Adult. Its currently running $19.99 - today is the last day of their 30% off promo with code 3019.

Edit: Wow, this sweater is down to 2 colors!! Looks like all sizes still. Sadly, I have plenty of purple and grey now LOL. Looks like everyone else does too! :-)


  1. I tried it but I'm too late :( I did get my gold jacket this week and love it!

  2. I so tried to get this sweater and they were all out of the one I wanted...which was the green one. So cute!

  3. These went really fast this week! They are super cute though!

    Sher - I thought about that jacket a few times, glad you love it. CAnt wait to see it!

    Corie - Awww :-/ thats the worst. Do they have any left in stores?

  4. Why didn't I see this early? It sooo pretty and so me!

  5. I highly recommend this sweater :)

    The buttons are sparkly!


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