My preciousssssss

Ok, so I wear almost no makeup to work. It bothers my eyes while I am trying to read the screen and I end up rubbing most of it off. I stopped wearing it so I would work better. So when you guys see me in my photos - I look a little (a lot) bleh. But I LOOOOVE makeup so much and I am relegated to wearing it mostly on weekends only. :-(

Above is a small "collection" of items I ordered from Korres and picked up from MAC in the last week or so.

Today, I used some of the above colors to do a soft, daytime slightly smoky eye. If you are interested, click here and here to check it out. :-) I love grey shadow with brown eyes.


  1. I understand the feeling, in a slightly different way. When I used to wear contacts, I found eye make-up irritating, and I hardly ever wore any. I think that's a factor in why I've switched to wearing glasses full time.

  2. OMG - I stopped wearing my contacts too. I read reporting on monitors almost all day, and my contacts were dead dry by 11am each day. I gave up and just wear them on weekends now. :-/

  3. 1 - I cannot wear contacts at work. I remember when I interviewed there I thought, oh, look at all the nice smart people wearing glasses. I thought it was a style choice. And I hate how hard it is to make your eyes look pretty with glasses on.
    2 - I loooooove Korres make-up soo soo much.


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