Drugstore "Haul" 01.02.10

Today, the family went to see Sherlock Holmes starring RDJ :-). It was fantastic. It may not have been exactly what Sir Arthur was thinking, but boy was it entertaining!! Hubby, daughter and myself all loved it. That's hard to find. I think that happened with Star Trek, but not much else. LOL. Anyway - see it! GO now - wait.... read the rest of the post first - then go.

THE HAUL!!: I went to CVS tonight and they have a ton of cosmetics marked down 50% and 75%. I tend to mix my cosmetics - both department store, and drug store. This was like being in a candy store for me! I was hunting all through the sections looking for little pink and green stickers. I know this isn't exactly "clothing" related, but it was so much fun!! If you want to pick up a few cosmetics for cheapies check it out! Should be national as they had lots of pre-printed signs all over the store. OK, this is what I got:

almay mascara $1.99
almay lip gloss $1.99
almay eyeshadow single $1.99
phycians formula organic foundation $.49 (a $3.00 coupon on the package was deducted also)
rimmel mineral powder $2.12
rimmel lip color $1.75
loreal lip gloss $2.12
loreal pencil sharpener $.62
loreal mascara $1.87
loreal lipstick $2.25
loreal facial wipes $3.50
loreal foaming cream cleanser $4.00
revlon skin primer $3.49
revlon concealor $3.49
revlon mascara $1.99
revlon lipstick $2.49
revlon matte e/s single $1.25
jergens hand lotion $3.49

Total was $41.15. Per my receipt, I saved $113.97!! So, if I had an inexplicable urge to purchase all this stuff full price, I would have spent $155.12....ha

Now, go see Sherlock Holmes ;-)


  1. Ooooh I LOVE sales at the drugstore! A few years ago, a bigger chain drug store went out of business & I bought SO much good stuff for around $20. I'm definitely going to have to stop over at CVS tomorrow!

  2. great sale! I don't have much makeup left, I need new eyeshadow and blush for sure.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I have to get a few things :)

  4. I totally want to see that movie, the previews look fantastic, even if not what Sir Arthur was thinking.
    Curious thing, I usually use that face scrub (Skin Genesis) from L'oreal and really love it.

  5. I just saw Sherlock Holmes on Wednesday - I loved it, too. What a fun adventure!

  6. Wow! Thats such a great bargain!
    I havent seen Sherlock Holmes yet, but I'm hoping to see it sometime this week :-) but I'm gonna watch a free movie screening for Youth in Revolt today :-)

  7. Mary - they have good stuff too! I am guessing some is getting repackaged, or colors changed a touch. We had an Eckerds clearance a while back when those closed, that was good too. :-)

    Eyeliah - I dunno if Canada is included? but worth a call?

    Danielle - NP! Enjoy.

    Cecelia - Good to hear! I used it last night, and I did like it. :-) The movie was really great - I hope you check it out! :-)

    Kari - that was a good one! :-)

    Miss Masala - Be sure to catch it - was gooood. :0) Have FUN at YnR!! :-)

  8. I always go to Target, but I'll have to stop by my CVS to see what's happening. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I love it when CVS and Walgreens have major clearances on their beauty products. That is usually when I stock up and am able to try more things.

    Great Haul!


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