Weekend Shopping

I did quite a bit of holiday shopping this weekend, but was able to pick up just a couple of things for me.

I went into my Talbot's on Friday - really to check out a few things that I had my eye on online. They have been having a Buy One, Get One 50% off sale. I bought two jackets that I have been watching since the day they came out.

Behold, the one button corduroy blazer in Raven and the Four Button Corduroy jacket in Night Rose. I did size down a little in the four button jacket - to a 14P for the night Rose, due to the four button being a little boxier fitting. I am sure you will see them both next week. :-) The total for the two jackets was $113 after discount and tax. They were originally $99 each.

Then we shopped all day Sat for people other than myself. However, while at the mall, I did pop into the Loft, to check out the "Shopping Party". It looked like shoppers were having a good time. They had some candies, cookies and lots of chocolates (very good stuff at the one in Raleigh) along with some bottled water. I think because I had "gift shopping" in mind, I didn't really see much I wanted. It was really busy in there, and lots of buying was going on. I walked around and it was clear as I looked around at the other shoppers - they all felt somethiiiiiing, but I felt nothiiiiing. (A chorus line anyone? No? Ok, moving on..) We moved on from there to finish the rest of the shopping.

Today, armed with an email that popped into my Blackberry advising that the Loft had their sweaters BOGO FREE and my 20% off savings card, I decided to go and try again to feel something. Lemme tell you something though - it has been super hard this season to find sweaters without rabbit hair! (Not something I want to feel! I accidentally tried on something Friday that had some rabbit hairs stuck to it from being NEAR a rabbit hair sweater on the rack and I have a welty rash across the back of my neck. Feels like the worst sunburn ever.) Anyways, I managed to persevere and find a few things to try on.

I ended up buying 2 sweaters in the end:

The Corsage Crewneck Cardigan in Deep Twilight Blue (black only online) and the Pinwheel v-neck cardigan in Grey Violet (Noir Cream online only).

After the BOGO, and 20% off coupon, and tax my total was: $51.84. I am pretty pleased about that, as the price for each sweater is currently $59.50

I hope you guys had as great a weekend as I did! :-)


  1. Both those blazers look FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Can't wait to see your new things. I loved last week 'make it work',it made me think anout y own wardrobe.
    (thanks for the advice on gadjets to peel potatoes :) )

  3. I love the colors on the blazer. And I have the corsage cardigan on the way in black! I can't wait to see the Pinwheel in real life - I'm really intrigued by it, but it just looks a little off on the Internet.

  4. Yogagirl - Thanks! They have a good fit too!

    Nurmisur - Thanks! I had fun trying "new" stuff out LOL.

    Amanda - Its still a little odd in person, but its cute at the same time. I am wearing mine today, and have received a few compliments on it. My husband was really the one who picked this one out - it was his fav of all the ones I tried on.


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