Talbots has BOGO 50% off again

And some new markdowns...

My faves are:

Scoopneck Pullover $29.99

or the cardigan version:

Ruffled Cardigan Sweater $34.99

The texturing on this cardigan is so, so pretty IRL.

Waist-tie cardigan - $39.99

I am really wanting to break my "no more goodies until after XMas" promise I made. :-)


  1. are you sticking to your promise??? i'm so bad, and these sales are so tempting. I am definitely on a ban until Jan...i have so much.

  2. Ohh, I like that forest green top.

  3. Patina, so far I have remained steadfast (since I posted about the jackets and sweaters I bought a couple of weeks ago.)

    Very hard esp with that green sweater tempting me so!! Argh. ;-)

  4. Those definitely look like you-pieces, Bianca. I love the first two ruffled tops particularly. (Not to be a ban-breaking enabler or anything...) ;)


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