OOTD 12.21.09

Guess what I did today? NOTHING!! Hehe. Love vacation. :-)

the stuff:
White Shirt - Talbots $27
Sweater - Loft $12
Jeans - Talbots $20
Shoes - RSVP via 6pm $10


  1. I finally saw that sweater in person today and it's beautiful. I might have to try it on when I'm using my Loft certificate after Christmas. :)

  2. That's always a good thing to do:)
    Enjoy your holidays.

  3. I'm so jealous right now! I gotta work till wednesday :-/
    Happy Holidays Bianca!

  4. Oh so jealous...I'm not off until tomorrow! Oh well, you look casually fab!

  5. That is the best kind of day and exactly how I hope to spend mine today! You look adorable as always!

  6. What is that detail on the sweater? Flowers? Its so beautiful and feminine!

  7. I love the pretty color of the shoes - what a great casual outfit. :)

  8. Kari - I love it, its super comfy too. Like wearing sweats.

    NUrmisur - ;-)

    Miss and Watergirl - hope you enjoyed the time you were free. ;-)

    Debye - thanks! those are the best days!

    Amanda - oh, shoot, I responded to your post via email thinking it was about my Talbots cardigan - yes, they are a little bunch of "abstract" flowers on the shoulder.

    Amanda - Thanks! i love these shoes, and wear them much more than I thought I might.


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