OOTD - 12.16.09 Boring again!

I really hate those security tags they sew into the shirts - I always forget to remove them, and often set off alarms in all the stores I enter. Ugh. Oh, and they make mysterious rumple spots where there normally arent rumples.

Sweater - Loft $15
Tank - Spiegel $10
Pants $?
Flats - Gretta via 6pm $10
Necklace - ebay $5


  1. Thats sweater is in my favorite color! I can never get bored of it :-)

  2. i feel you on those darn tags. i forgot to take mine off my jcrew metallic hobo and it set off the alarm in nordstroms, but not in jcrew...go figure. i only own one purple top and i would like another for the winter. i love it like you're wearing it with gray.

  3. Whenever I can I just take all the tags from my clothes. Sometimes I also take the tags that say how to wash things and then I get into BIG trouble :)


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