OOTD - 12.11.09 - Holiday Luncheon

Today we had our holiday luncheon at work - it was very nice. I decided to sparkle it up a bit with some sequins. :-)

Move over "Edward".....

Oh, on another note, My hair kind of fell behind my collar, but I think I am going to get it cut about this length. I like it.

The Stuff:
White Blouse - Talbots $23
Teal Blazer - Talbots $56
Pants - Cato $15
Sequin Tank pretending to be a vest - gift $$??

Close Up 1:

Close Up 2:


  1. Very cute outfit. I am going to have to borrow your tank as a vest idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. i love how you styled your sequin tank. i never would have thought to wear a white shirt underneath. like nika, i'm totally stealing your idea!! you look great.

  3. I really like your sequin top. Pairing it with it a white button down shirt is a great idea

  4. LOVE the teal blazer...such a fab color on you!

  5. Like it, like it, like it.
    An the hair that lenght also suits you.

  6. I forgot, I agree with you, that teal jacket should look good with the tweed skirt.

  7. Very pretty! The jacket is a fab color for you. And I thought when I saw the photo before I read the caption that that length was very nice for you; you definitely should get it cut to there!

  8. Nika - please steal away - dont forget to post pics :-)

    Patina - you too ;-) Thanks!

    Miss - thank you!

    Watergirl - yes, I LOOOVe the color. I have bee eyeing this for months. It was the one thing I "HAD TO HAVE" from the fall/winter - all because of the color!

    Nurmisur - thank ya! glad you are co-signing on my idea for the tweed. :-)

    Kristen - thanks! I just have to get the courage together to do the Jodi FOster. :-)

    Kristen - thank you!! :-) And thanks for stopping by!

  9. I love love love that blazer! Especially with the sparkly top. And your hair would look fabulous at that length! Love those happy accidents :)

  10. I also thought that you had cut your hair, too. But your hair looks lovely in general.

    The teal blazer looks beautiful!

  11. Love this outfit - the sequins, the pretty teal blazer! What a great idea to put a sequined tank over a white collared shirt. Warm and office-y, while at the same time fun and holiday-y. Perfect!

  12. I love the sequin tank!!! Very nice


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