OOTD - 12.10.09

The Stuff:
Corsage Sweater - Loft $24 (after BOGO and 20% off)
Green Leaf Tee - Loft $6.99
Herringbone Pants - Talbot's $26
Shoes - Talbot's $27

Corsage Close-up

Just another corsage tee.


  1. Lovely details and interesting color combination.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Love the details on the cardigan. Loft has been coming up with some beautiful items lately.

  3. cute outfit, bianca. you know i love ANYTHING with something splattered on the side and this cardigan is right up my alley....it's so purdy

  4. The corsage on that cardi is stunning! I love the dual-tones, too... gorgeous!

  5. The corsage detailing is so pretty!

  6. Nurmisur - thank you! the combo always makes the think of the ocean. :-)

    Diana - yes! For a while there I was a little worried they were going to close...but i think they have made a fantastic turnaround - which of course = more customers.

    Patina - yes! you do love a cardi with a little "sumpin sumpin" have you been checking out the Loft?

    Mary - thanks, love it too!!

    K - :-)

  7. The sweater looks so lovely. I gotta check it out this weekend :-)

  8. Fun sweater! I like the blue and teal together.


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