OOTD - 12.08.09 - Parasols from Paradise?

This was hubby's pick - he said - I really like those things - they look like drink umbrellas. So, I bought it. :-)

The Stuff:
Pinwheel V-neck Sweater - Loft $25 (BOGO + 20% off coupon)
Placed Petal Tee - Loft $14.50
Skirt - Ny And Co $16.50
Tights - Chadwicks $3.50


  1. Such a fun detail! They do kind of look like drink umbrellas.

  2. Ahhh - so glad I found you!! I'm 5'4, size 12-14, same body type. Keep posting away - I'll be reading!

  3. I looooove that sweater detail. So pretty!

  4. lol at your husband. tell him thanks, because i will never be able to look at a pinwheel without thinking of his comment. the cardigan is adorable and looks great with the top

  5. OK now he needs to take you out for drinks ;D

    Very pretty outfit. Love the details on both the top and cardi!

  6. Diana - yes!! All i need is a cruise ship, some sunny weather, a pareo...

    Mossback - thank you for stopping by and posting! welcome aboard!

    Kelly - Its great isn't it?

    Patina - me either lol! i think he owes me a cruise now. thanks for the note. ;-)

    Sher - YES! on a boat LOL. Thank ya! :-)

  7. I love that cardigan.. with those cute little umbrellas.


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