OOTD - 12.03.09 Make it Work Week

Today, I dug way in the back of the closet.....and....

I pulled out a winter white skirt. My trouble with this skirt is the fact that I either appear to be shipping off to sea, or that I am an acolyte of Nurse Ratchet when I attempt to wear this one.

However, I was going to make it work, so I wore:

I got a decent detail shot of the petals this time. (It is at the bottom of the post)

the Stuff-
Chiffon Petal Cardigan - Loft $28
Beaded Tank - Talbots $25
Skirt - Talbots $25
Tights - Kmart $6
Flats - Gretta via 6pm $10

Whats the problem with the skirt?
Looks fine on the hanger, but when worn it appears to have been patterned from a 1970's head nursing uniform.

Did my solution work?
Not sure. I sort of felt like I was cheating by paring it with all black.

Will it make another appearance?
Magic 8 Ball says: My reply is no.
Hahaha - I think I will wear this again, although maybe closer to summer next year.


  1. That cardi is gorgeous! I love the black and white combo - so sharp!

  2. Pretty details on the cardi and tank...and once again, I think you made this piece work well for you!

  3. Winter white looks fabulous when done right and you did a fabulous job.

  4. I love that cardigan and that little hint of white on the neckline! well done.

  5. Kyla - Thank you! This is one of my favorite cardis.

    Watergirl - Thank you - I certainly tried this out!

    God - Thank you - I do like this color a bunch - I am just never sure what to pair it with.:-)

    Amanda - Thank you! :-)

  6. Very nice! I like a good sharp black-and-white combo once in a while, especialy if it's not a combo you wear often.

  7. I like this outfit. The white skirt looks seasonally appropriate combined with all black. I've seen a few women on the street in looks similar to this, and I've wished I had a slim white skirt so I could do this look too.

  8. I like the skirt on you.And you can totlly rock it in spring.


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