OOTD 12.02.09 - Make it Work Week

OK, I don't know what I was smoking when I picked this baby up. It is 100% silk - great right? No. It is not a knit - therefore it doesn't work WITH my curves. Also, there is no structure, so it doesn't contort them into submission.

Secondly. I mean this is a bit of a wacky print for someone who doesn't prints or patterns at all. Its flowers! And Pink! And Periwinkle! Every time I see this baby in my closet, I shake my head at it and wonder to myself "WHO bought that?" LOL.

Well, I really wanted to make this blouse work, so I wore this:

Black Velveteen Jacket - Chadwicks $12.50 after coupon
Silk Blouse - Macys - $12
Black and Grey Herringbone Pants - Limited $17
Boots - Etienne Aigner via Bealls $25

Whats the problem with the blouse?
A "blousy" fit and I felt like the pattern belongs on another person.

Did my solution work?
Not bad, I didn't feel ridiculous in it.

Will it make another appearance?
Magic 8 Ball says: Very Doubtful.
LOL! Actually, I think the 8-ball is right. I think it looks ok - but it doesn't feel like me. :-)


  1. I applaud you for pulling out those just because purchases and wearing them. Mine usually end up at Goodwill after 3 years of languishing in my closet unworn.

  2. I love this look! The jacket adds the structure you were looking for and the colors are lovely!

  3. I can't believe you don't like this because you look great. I love tiny patterns like that, and the jacket really gives it a nice definition. Please try it again, it's adorable on you.

  4. Nika - Lol! Me too. I clean out my closet quite often too, so these are guys that for some reason just keep hanging on. These have come in and out of the giveaway pile, I don't know hoe many times.

    Watergirl - thank you! I love this jacket too.I think it will see a lot of use.

  5. I love the look and you made the shirt work really great.
    I supose it's a bit more girly girly than you usually do.
    But if you don't feel 'yourself' when you wear it I would probably give it away.

  6. Just stumbled on your blog - this is a great ensemble! I love it - don't be scared of the print. :)


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