OOTD - 12.01.09 - Make it Work Week

Today's problem child should have been a no-brainer. I bought a wool, tweed pencil skirt in "grey" the photo clearly showed a tweed skirt in a variety of greys...

However, when I opened the package - the colors were - grey and....... brown and taupe and teal and peach and....well, see here for yourself:

I decided to keep it, because I thought it was a little more unique than just a grey tweed skirt - but I have been loathe to reach for it for some reason. I hold up blues, and peaches and creams and taupes, and they all come across as odd when paired with the skirt. SO back on the hanger it goes.

Well, today, I was determined to make it work, so I wore this:

Light Grey Jacket - Chadwicks $12 after coupon
Dark Grey Tee - Loft $14.50
Skirt - Spiegel $29
Tights - Chadwicks $3 after coupon
Larimar Necklace and Bracelet - Marahlago

Whats the problem with the skirt?
Odd coloration

Did my solution work?
Yes, but I wonder what else will pair well with it. And I thought the outfit was a little boooring with all the gray. YAWN!!

Will it make another appearance?
Magic 8 Ball says: It is certain.

That magic 8-ball is awfully positive! Although, I suppose it is skewed to the positive - 10 of the possible options are positive and 5 are neutral and only 5 are negative..


  1. Red. I'm feeling like some red or coral can go in there. Or maybe navy blue? Something to contrast. Don't worry about blending...think more about contrasting. It's a bummer when the colors aren't as we expect, but I really like those & I like them on you :-)

  2. Try pairing the skirt with warmer colors. Deep blues, purples, golden yellow, etc.

  3. I have a similar problem skirt and you've inspired me to try and make it work - perhaps even tomorrow! I really like the all grey, though - it allows the skirt to pop.

    I like Amanda Allison's idea of a golden yellow or mustard. Also maybe a chartreuse. I got a lovely, longish Merona cardigan from Target on one of their stands for $17.99 or something. I remember it coming in chartreuse and cranberry as well, which also might look great with skirt. They are really good quality and just the right length for my also short curvy figure. You can see it here (scroll past the puppies):

  4. I wonder if pink or burgundy would work?

  5. Thanks for all the ideas girls.

    Gigi - I like the idea of red alot. It didnt work with burgandy, but I dont own any tomato red, might be time to grab something.

    Amanda Allison - Not a bad idea, I am sure the yellow would be very nice!!

    Amanda - thank you! I agree a mustard or spicy olive would be great. Thank you for stopping by and posting! I am adding you to my blog roll!

    Kelly - It is such a weird one. Aside from the grey all the other colors in the skirt are very warm. Warm colors are super tricky for me, so I am going to have to find the right ones.

  6. I really like how you've paired this. Even if it's not what you expected, it's beautiful nonetheless! It would look really sharp with all black and turquoise jewelry.

  7. I have loved every single one of your orphans this week, and this was no exception. I think the unusual colors of the tweed are what make it a fun piece! Have fun trying out different, complementary colors with it.

  8. Kyla - I love the idea of wearing with black and turquoise. I am jotting that one down!!

    Kristen - Thank you! Luckily I have lots of new idea here to play with now~!

  9. That tweed is beautiful,I'm truly jealous of it.;)
    I would wear it with teal or one of your warmer pinks that look so good on you.


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