Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to you all!!

I have been MIA, but I have a couple of things to post when I have more time. I am catching up on everyone's blogs this evening! Hope everyone is enjoying the season, no matter what (if) you celebrate this time of year! :-)


  1. Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Now we must get ready for any 50% off sales lol!

    I just bought 4 items from Coldwater Creek. And they were 50% off and I just went to the clearance section so everything ended up really cheap (well for Coldwater prices anyway) ;)

  2. I hope you had a wonderful holiday too, Bianca. I look forward to hearing about the deals you're scouring as the post-holiday sales kick in!

  3. Sher! Nice work. I went into a CC outlet to ask for a map of the outlet mall (cough cough) and ended up with a very nice wrap - it was only $15~~~ woot!!

    Kari - thank you! So many sales so little time. haha ;-)


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