Loft - In store events 30% off and refreshments!

Loft shopping party - Dec 3rd, 30% off all full priced (and promo priced items). Music and refreshments provided. Here are the details. :-)


  1. mom works at Ann Taylor but didn't mention anything about those bonus points...not like her or I need to be spending any more money, LOL. I might have to pop in there tomorrow and see if there's anything I want. I've been disappointed with their pants offerings- too many Marisa. I prefer the Julie because it fits better. They also had a lot of online only styles this season. :(

  2. OHH!! - yes I had a brief love affair with the Julie. But first they changed the pant lengths on the regular size pants - so, I had to treasure hunt for "ankle pants" THEN! they took the size 16s out of the stores all together! It was a sad day LOL. But - I do love the fit of the Julie - I still have several pairs from the good ol days!

    I think savings cards are on right now too!


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