Launch My Line?

Anyone watch Launch my Line on Bravo?

So..imagine Project Runway, if ..........Tim Gunn were morphed into twin leprechauns - (Dan and Dean of DSquared) that taunt instead of guide...and the contestant pool was cast from rejected "The Apprentice" application videos. Brilliant right?? Each week there are challenges and someone's line is "cut". The big twist? None of them can sew!! Wha?? Ok, its not much like Project Runway. Except there are clothes, judges and a runway. And some dramz.

A group of semi-celebrities, CEOs and professionals are paired with a "real" designer to create a line. They came up with a line name, logo, signature piece and theme for the line. They chose all the fabrics for the whole season on day one, and there are some complicated rules regarding a "trim closet". The pairing makes for wonderful drama - the more interaction people have with others on reality shows, the loonier they get.

Bravo cast a group of characters for real. At the beginning of the show, it goes through the group of people - the architect, the DJ, the Music Mogul, the millionaire and his wife. (ok, those last two may have been a liberal interpretation.) Project Runway probably felt so flat for many last season because casting was all off - not on this show! The chorographer is Dan Karotty - who you may know from Think You Can Dance, and the Stylist is Lou Rawls' daughter, the Music Mogul is a former exec from Interscope, Kevin Black.

I think the best word to describe this new show is Quirky. With a capital Q. So for the record, I love it!! Way to go Bravo - you sucked me in AGAIN!! :-) If you want to check it out, its on Bravo Wednesday nights at 10pm/11pm

Did anyone else catch this show? What didja think?

Oh and one last fun note: The marketing CEO is a curvy girl - and wants to make sure her designs cover a wide range of women. Her first outfit was STUNNING. Can't wait to see what else her team comes up with!

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