Dooney Bags not Doing it for you?

Amazon has 40% off a wide variety of handbags including B Makowsky, Kate Spade, Moschino Cheap and Chic, L.A.M.B, botkier, etc etc. As long the initial price was at least $49, its 40% off, and free shipping. :-) And you can combine items to hit the $49, and then get 40% off all the items in your cart.


There is also sunglasses, wallets etc etc. (P.S. the cute BMak tote above is about $70 after discount.)


  1. ohhh, gorgeous bag! I do need a new wallet, I have been procrastinating that though.

  2. AND! I know Amazon's Canada shipping actually does not completely spoil the deal! Yay! LOL!!


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